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Author Danielle Ackley-McPhail is available for writing seminar,
 interviews, book signings, author events, panel discussions, and convention appearances.

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    Appearance Schedule for 2011

  • Capclave

    Rockville, MD

    October 14-16



    Cherry Hill, NJ

    November 20-22



    Timonium, MD

    November 27-29

    Author Note: If you are intending on being at any of the above events,
    please visit the
    Yesterday's Dreams Merchandise Store at
    Every person who brings a piece of YD merchandise to one of my events
    will receive a 10% discount on their book purchase at that event.

    (This discount not to be combined with any other offer.)

    Past Appearances

    Ubercon VII, February 10-12, 2006

    Secaucus, NJ

    My first gaming convention and I had to leave halfway through. Not my fault! Not their fault!
    I sped home on the front edge of a miniblizzard. Still the time I spent at the con was fun. Chatted with
    CJ, Met Lawrence M. Schoen, the founder of the Klingon Language Institute, and, apparently,
    buffalito wrangler. And hey...they fed me ice cream!


    Phoenix Convention III, March 11-12, 2006

    Dublin, Ireland

    This was our second trip to Ireland for both business and pleasure. It was great seeing more of
    the countryside this time, though a bit more rain than the first time...then, the first time was a fluke so...what can you say? P-Con has grown a bit since it's first year. We connected with a bunch of old friends and met quite a few new ones. Hung out in the bar with Juliet McKenna and Deirdre. Met
    Terry Pratchett's agent, spent time chatting with Colin Greenland and overall had a blast. Folks, if
    you thought panel discussions were interesting...try them when the panelists are served Guinness...oh, except for those that were drinking Bailey's ;)


    Lunacon, March 17-19, 2006

    Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

    Highlights of this con, Mike was invited to edit an anthology, Breach the Hull, for Spyre Books.
    Not much else of note took place. The hotel was undergoing renovations and it made for quite the experience. Hung out with Jeff Lyman and Angel Taubner and got escorted to my room and told to
    stay there no less than three times after some enthusiastic celebrating re: the new anthology.


    Ravencon, April 21-23, 2006

    Richmond, VA

    Friggin' cool Masquerade Picture from Ravencon 1


    Wow! Let me tell you, for a first-year con, this was absolutely fantastic. Organized by veteran con-goers...and veteran con guests...this con made every effort to head off those gripes we have all had
    at one con or another. Now, I can't say everything went off absolutely without flaw...well, because then it wouldn't be a con, right? But one of the better organized cons I have been to over the last five years. I look forward to going back in the spring. And, I have to thank them...because of their first-year status, media was in attendance and I ended up with a REALLY cool photo of myself on the front cover of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


    SJRLC Book Evaluation Giveaway Meeting, May 5, 2006

    Tabernacle, NJ


    Now, if there is anyone better than a reader to have a discussion with about books, it is a librarian! These ladies--and one gentleman--gave me a very warm welcome, not to mention their complete attention. There were some really good questions and I was honored to be invited. For those of you not familiar with what the book evaluation is, these librarians take books that have been sent to them by various publishers and read them. They then post a review on a national database, evaluating the books for suitability (many of these are school librarians) and quality. For every book they review, they get two for free. So if you are an author be sure to tell your publisher about this. Definitely a program they should consider participating in.


    Balticon 40, May 26-29, 2006

    Baltimore, MD

    My Wonderful Yesterday's Dreamers


    There are no words. None. Really. And my being a writer, that is saying a lot! This was just one
    fantastic weekend from both a literary and a costuming standpoint. I had a lot of scheduled panels
    this weekend. Many of which, ironically, required me to read my work aloud.


    Grand Prize winner Patricia W. at the Yesterday's Dreams Launch


    The timing of that was nice, considering this was the unofficial launch of the Mundania Press edition
    of Yesterday's Dreams. The convention scheduled a bang-up launch party for me and I was reunited
    with many of my Yesterday's Dreamers, not to mention artist Pamelina H, who help me raffle and
    present her custom painted violin based on a scene from the book. I sold many books, made many friends, and basically had a blast.


    Green Fire Phoenix Skit - Angel and Jeff Lyman and myself


    I also presented a really cool skit, with the help of my friends Jeff Lyman and Angel Taubner (now Angel Lyman), and we even brought home the ribbons for Best in Class Journeyman. As a bonus, I got to meet for the first time in person, fellow Mundania Press Author, Elaine Corvidae. (Even better, we will be joining forces once more at this year's Philcon, in November. I can't wait!)



    Yesterday's Dreams, Book Launch

    Voices and Visions Bookstore, September 24, 2006

    Independence Mall - 4th Street, Lower Level

    Philadelphia, PA

    "Refreshment; Prizes to be raffled."


    Well, thanks to incliment weather and a movie shoot going on at Independence Mall, we didn't have
    much of a turn-out for this, but we did enjoy ourselves. I read a variety of my work and answered many questions about my process and use of mythology. A few friends turned for emotional support, and there was some interested traffic. Thanks, Angie, for throwing me this launch. Voices and Visions is such an elegant space, a very enjoyable event.


    Wine Tasting and Author Signing

    Tuscan Tavern, October 7, 2006

    Phone: 856-309-8883

    2001 College Drive

    Blackwood, NJ


    What can I say? Any visit to the Tuscan Tavern is an event, this one just happened to be all about me. Okay...all about me, and the lovely wine provided by Esser Winery. First person to walk in the door...okay...carried in the door, was my great-nephew, Maddox Ryan Pace. He was also the first one to buy a book, though his mother did insist on handling the money. From there a steady stream of friends from High School and my Yesterday's Dreamers writers group came to help me celebrate the release of the book--including David, who travelled all the way from Long Island, NY! I sold a respectable number of copies, had some really good wine, and had a chance to socialize. It was a lovely evening and I really appreciate the owners of the restaurant scheduling all this for me. Definitely something I would recommend for the future to anyone else self-promoting. Find something people like, find a company
    that makes it, and see about joining forces for a promotional event.


    Philcon, November 17-19, 2006

    Philadelphia, PA


    Had a blast at Philcon this year. It was a relaxed con for me, only a couple of panels and no reading, but I got to hang out at my dealer's table during the day with fellow Mundania Press author Elaine Corvidae (I must say, from a dealer's standpoint, this is the best Philcon I ever had!) and at night I had a blast just chilling out with friends and fans at the various con events. Didn't win anything in the Masquerade this year, but it's only fair after walking away with three top awards last year (how do you top that?!) The nicest thing about that even was being given the opportunity to read a poem I'd written for my nephew, Scott Miller, Jr., who passed away right before the con. I felt it was appropriate given that a number of people in the convention/literary family had been lost this year as well. I dedicated the reading to all of them. In addition to all that, this was my first year to ever enter the art show. I didn't sell anything, but I did win an award for Best Use of Textiles for my mask GreenFirePhoenix.


    Barnes and Noble Author Event, March 14, 2007

    Watch the Skies

    Camp Hill Barnes and Noble

    Camp Hill, PA


    This event was a blast. Nothing better than having a signing with a bunch of friends and fans guaranteed to be there! Mike and I drove hours across the state of Pennsylvania to Camp Hill and right off got do a bit of site-seeing and have some dinner with Eric Hardenbrook, a friend we rarely get to see. Afterward we went to the Barnes and Noble where I was set up right by the front door with book and posters the first thing to greet me. Second, was an aspiring writer, Steven, waiting to talk to me. I sold a few books, talk to a few friends, and then got to head to the back where the Watch the Skies reading group was holding its monthly meeting. I talked a bit about my work and publishing in general, then held a reading from my new anthology, Bad-Ass Faeries.



    Lunacon 2007, March 16-18, 2007

    Ryebrook, NY


    Lunacon was way cool this year! Back at the hotel fondly known as the Escher, I got to see a lot of friends here. Of course, I had to drive five hours through the worse ice storm on record...for a trip that usually takes two hours. But hey, if it's worth doing...right? Anyway, the great thing about the storm is that a few of the dealers were daunted by the weather, which means I got a prime spot in the dealer's room and did very well for myself. I also got to do some cool panels and meet on of my new favorite authors, Alma Alexander...who just happens to be really good friend of a friend of mine! We did not discover this until I showed up at the con and hug-mugged him :) We had a very enjoyable weekend getting to know one another.



    RavenCon 2007, April 20-22, 2007

    Richmond, VA

    Wow! One of my longest drives, but boy did I have a blast. Mike and I both brought out our costumes for this one. I test-ran my Masque of the Red Death costume and Mike featured an Stargate uniform that got him in good with the SG-9 group that has adopted the con. We sold books, chatted with friends and basically partied around. An excellent con that I definitely intend to return to next year.

    James Chambers and I at RavenconMike McPhail and I at RavenconA nameless Trill and I at Ravencon


    Balticon 41, May 25-28, 2007

    Baltimore, MD

    Feverishly Selling Bad-Ass Faeries at Balticon

    There are no words. Absolutely no words...again! Must be a characteristic of Balticon
    This was the most eventful con I have ever been to...I spent most of my time in the dealer's room.


    Vincent Collins, Elaine Corvidae and I at the BAF Dealer's Table

    When I wasn't there I was in a panel that in some way required me to read my work.
    I have never had so many readings in one weekend. It was a blast!

    Also cool, we finally presented the full skit of Masque of the Red Death, I even have the video to prove it. Good thing too, because I will NEVER be able to get those that participate back in those costumes. There are no better sports in the world than Jeff and Angel Lyman, Jagi Lamplighter, Zan Rosin, Jesse Harris, Joni Dashoff, and Jeff Young. Fortunately, all the torment was worth it. We not only won, but we won Best in Show!



    Now you might think that is enough for one weekend, but no. After that we had the launch for Bad-Ass Faeries and...WOW! We sold over 120 copies of the book over the course of the con. At the Launch party, which was on Sunday, there were well over 80 people there, twice the capacity of the room. Fortunately we were allowed to take over the corridor as well. Don't know how many raffle tickets we sold, but the prizes went, the food went, and lots of fun was had by all! Thank you to all of you that helped keep me semi-sane through all of it!


    Bad-Ass Faeries Contributors present at the Launch


    But wait! There's more! Bad-Ass Faeries went off so well that we have been asked to do a sequel.
    In addition to that, Fortress Publishing has asked us to edit an anthology for them to! Keep your eyes out for Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad, and Cry Havoc: Stories of Conflict Between Men, Monsters, and Machines!


    Stratford Public Library, June 2nd

    Book Sale and Author Appearance


    Philly Phantastic, June 22nd

    Had a decent crowd for this, about eight or ten people. No one bought books, but the bookstore did keep the stock for their shelves. The person that runs the event couldn't come at the last minute, but my friend Zan Rosin stepped up to the plate as MC as well as took me and Mike out to dinner afterward as a thank you. It was nice. We got to hang out and chat with some of those that attended the event. One of my Bad-Ass Faeries Contributors came to join me, Den C. Wilson. There's dedication! I read a snibbit of his story as well during the event.


    Watch the Skies! Barnes and Noble Readers Group, August 16, 2007

    Camp Hill, PA

    Watch the Skies Event - Brian Kosciencski and I


    This was a Bad-Ass Faeries event and contributor Brian Kosciencski was able to join me. We have a lot of fun signing books, sold quite a few, and we were the darlings of the check-out women because we gave them a valid reason to curse on the job ;)  They LOVED directing people's attention to their guest authors and their book, Bad-Ass Faeries! After we did a bit of signing, we headed to the back for the monthly readers group meeting where I read from each of our stories, as well as a sneak peek of Consigned to the Sea, from Sails and Sorcery.

    Mike and I were invited back for December, but a mix-up with my vacation days at work forced
    us to cancel :( We are rescheduling for January or February, though, and it 's going to be a joint Sails and Sorcery and Breach the Hull event! S&S contributor Jon Sprunk is currently planning to join us.


    FaerieCon, October 12-14, 2007

    Philadelphia, PA

    The Faer Ones - Emily K, Zan R. and Me


    The highlight of this con: Brian Froud, the world's premiere faerie artist mentioned Bad-Ass Faeries
    by name in one of his panel discussions. This was told to us by someone that came to buy the book.
    They told us he said :
    "I have to get a copy of that, because everyone thinks that faeries are all goodness and light...
    and they're not."


    Danielle with Brian and Wendy Froud at Faeriecon


    The book sold pretty well that weekend, but ironically enough, my bestseller were horns! Yes...horns!
    I have begun making costume horns out of polymer clay and various decorative embellishments. The coolest part...they have glow-in-the-dark clay! Those sold the best. I bought as much as I could find. So,
    I have a new sideline :)


    Shikkaricon, October 27, 2007

    Bucks County Community College

    Newtown, PA


    This wasn't the best vendue for us. The anime crowd just aren't interested in books that aren't Manga. Still, we had a good time, the horns and wings sold the most, but we did sell some books too. Predicably, Bad-Ass Faeries :) What was cool about the con is that I did a clay demo, complete from raw clay to bake-hardened horns.


    Philcon 2007,

    Philadelphia, PA


    Finally! After nearly two years of turmoil and drama, Breach the Hull is in print and Launched! In the end, rather than have every single contributor present as we thought we would, we were sadly one short. Jack McDevitt unavoidably had to cancel a couple weeks before the con due to work obligations. Still, he signed us a box of books, and with everyone else in attendance things went wonderfully! We sold 71 copies of the book, between hardcover and soft cover sales and the launch was so packed that we didn't even bother with the micro readings we'd intended because no one would have been able to hear them over the crowd. It was hectic, but it was a blast. The contributors were great, the party was fun, and the kind people running the con suite were nice enough to clean up for us. A big Thanks for Everything goes out to our publisher, contributors, Todd Dashoff, Gary Feldman and everyone else that helped pull  the launch off despite unexpected turmoil at every turn.



    Wicked Faire, February 8-9, 2008
    Edison, NJ


    Me as a Bad-Ass Pirate faerie at Wicked Faire, debuting the cover for the upcoming Just Plain Bad. This was an interesting event, though I found it somewhat hard to compete with the equipment demos going on in the space next to us for a company called BondCo. Though the hotel management had caused some manner of headaches before the actual event, things went rather smoothly throughout the weekend itself. Of course, there were herds of policemen wandering about, but they just look amused. I even had my picture taken with one...he was wearing a feathered mardi gras mask, and I was in full splendor as the Doom Faerie.


    Lunacon, March 14-16, 2008

    Rye Brook, NY


    Myself with fellow Mundania Press authors Janet Lane Walters and KT Pinto at Lunacon. I shared a table with Janet in the dealer's room, right next to the Broad Universe table. Got to meet lots of ladies I normally just email, saw plenty of old friends and had a rather profitable weekend of selling. The panels were interesting and rather more plentiful than they have been in the past...almost too much so, as many of them originally conflicted with the dealer's room hours. Highlights of the weekend...receiving a workmanship award for the wings I wore in the masquerade, and also receiving a ribbon for Most Humorous sketch in the Craftsman division.

    What is not evident in this image is my five foot tall sock that was on stage as my prop...I was stealing it ;)


    Pulp Adventurecon 8, March 29, 2008

    Bordentown, NJ

    This was a nice and well run event by our friend Rich Harvey of Bold Venture Press, but I have
    to be honest...we aren't really meant for the Pulp crowd. We did decent but we definitely took
    second fiddle to the vintage books, comics and magazines. It was great seeing some familiar
    faces, though, and having a chance to chat and visit for a change.


    Drew University Medieval Festival, April 12, 2008

    Madison, NJ

    This was a different kind of event for us again. A free event, but also a long day of waiting. We met some nice people but were in an end slot so we got overlooked a bit. Still, we shared the space with Will Horner and Mich of Fantasist Enterprises and did some decent business in horns. Mike is taking the picture.


    Ravencon, April 25-27, 2008

    Richmond, VA

    Ravencon was a blast this year. Other than a couple of costuming panels all I did was hang out in the dealer's room and at after hours parties. We went out to eat with our friends, new and old, and I was a judge for the Masquerade. Mike, my sweetest of sweeties, even bought me ten minutes in the masseuss chair! Can't wait to go back again!

    Mike with Mark Morgan, Slave Driver of the Dealer's Room and Fellow SGC memberChristine of Griffon's Claw Armoury and Mike


    This is also another con where the horns had a great showing. Here are some photos of happy customers:


    Woodbury Craft Fair, May 10, 2008

    Woodbury, NJ


    Balticon 42, May 23-26, 2008

    Baltimore, MD


    The Maryland Faerie Festival, June 8-9, 2008

    Upper Marlboro, MD


    The Fantasist Enterprises Borders Event - June 13, 2008, 7pm
    The Art and Business of Short Fiction
    Larry Connolly, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Christe Callabro (aka Christina Stitt), and William Horner
    Wilmington, DE


    LibertyCon, July 11-13, 2008

    Chattanooga, TN


    SciFi Saturday, August 2, 2008

    York, PA


    Bad-Ass Faeries 2 Delaware Launch, September 6, 2008

    Between Books

    Claymont, DE


    Collingswood Book Festival, October 4, 2008

    Collingswood, NJ


    Faeriecon, October 10-12, 2008

    Philadelphia, PA


    CapClave, October 17-19, 2008

    Rockville, MD


    Ubercon, October 24-25, 2008

    Piscataway, NJ


    Philcon 2008,  November 21-23, 2008

    Cherry Hill, NJ


    Tentative Convention Schedule for Philcon:

    Danielle Ackley-McPhail
    Fri 7:00PM - What Defines a Monster?
    Fri 10:00PM - You Can't Just Drive a Stake Through Their Heart-
    The Persistence of Vampires.
    Sat 6:30PM - Tomorrow's Memories Lauch Party and Sword Raffle - Con Suite
    Sun 11:00AM - Meet the Editors Panel
    Sun 2:00PM - Danielle Ackley- McPha
    il Reading

    Mike McPhail
    Fri 7:00PM
     - 3D is art too! The challenges of being dimensional artists.


    Ravencon 2009

    April 24-26
    Richmond, VA


    Hudson Valley MayFaire

    May 2-4
    New Paltz, New York


    Maryland Faerie Festival

    May 16-17
    Upper Marlboro, Maryland


    Balticon 43

    May 22-25

    Hunt Valley, Maryland


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