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   Fantasy/Faerie Anthology
Trade Paperback:

   $18.00, 5.5 x 8.5,    284 pages

Reviews For Book One
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"Here are nineteen Faerie tales which in no way resemble the cute little faeries of our childhood...all of them have a serious twist that I could not help but be fascinated by.  A terrific anthology that I am proud to recommend!
 - 4 1/2 stars, Detra Fitch, The Huntress Reviews

"Bad-Ass Faeries rides the wave of faerie popularity apparent to anyone who's ever entered a Hot Topic store... readers will find its protagonists a refreshing change from the sugary-sweet faeries of their childhood."
                                          - Dru Pagliassotti, The Harrow

The Bad-Ass Faeries Ravencon Initiative

April 25-27, 2008

Attending Authors and Artists

CJ Henderson

James Chambers

Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Bryan Prindiville

Robert Quill


We had a great time at Ravencon. Got to see a bunch of friends we really only see there, got to see others that seem to show up no matter how far we go for a con, and met even more friends for the very first time. The drive went well and wasn't nearly as costly as I feared it would be, and we did well enough that we have paid up for next year, yet again. This year I was masquerade judge with my good friend Rae Bradbury Enslin, whom I haven't seen in a very long while :( But I did learn that less than a month after Ravencon I get to see her again at Balticon!

I also got to do costuming programming this year, something I haven't done in the past. It was fun. Very odd not really doing a lot of literary programming. Though, I must say, my final panel of the con, Who's Panel Is It Anyway? Was quite a blast and was a mix of literary/industry/science panel, so I can't say I didn't do any. Fellow Panelists were the guest of honor, C.S. Friedman, Kelly Lockhart, and two gentlemen who sadly, I can't remember their names. The panel was great. We bounced around about five different topics, semirelated to one another and had a packed audience.

The rest of the con I spent in the dealer's room, stringing horns (as you can tell ... I also got to wear a lot of different horns this weekend ;), or party floating. Of course, some of them I couldn't go into because someone decided to smoke... even in the non-smoking room, and I'm allergic. Oh well, we found plenty of party elsewhere.

And, as you can see, Mike got to play with his Stargate buddy, Mark Morgan, who was also in charge of the dealer's room...pst...don't piss him off ;)

So, new friends and old that we got to see: Gail Z. Martin, Jean Marie Ward, Jana Oliver, Jim Statton, Christine Stuppi (left) and her weekend weapon Monkey, Steveling, of Griffon's Claw Armory, Mark Morgan (right: Mike's play-mate for the weekend), Jagi Lamplighter and John C. Wright, and, of course, the trio of souls responsible for Ravencon to begin with...

Tony Ruggiero, Tee Morris, and Mike Pederson!
Thanks, Guys! You give great Con!

There were a lot of other people too...but I've been sick since the con, so I think of them fondly, but right now I can't remember all the names for the life of me!

Instead, enjoy here three video blogs donated to my cause by the above-mentioned Gail, who will receive a link here as soon as I can juggle more than one computer at a time, because I don't have the address handy at the moment. Enjoy! I am on the first two blogs, and the other is a summing up of the con.

Day One - Danielle Ackley-McPhail Interview - Video courtesy of Gail Z. Martin

Day 2 - interviews with CJ Henderson, James Chambers, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, 
Robert Quill, Bryan Prindiville, and Mike McPhail - Video courtesy of Gail Z. Martin

Day Three - Video courtesy of Gail Z. Martin


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Balticon 42, May 25th, 2008


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Balticon 41, May 28th, 2007

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Drew University Medieval Festival
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The Maryland Faerie Festival
June 7-8, 2008 - Upper Marlboro, MD

 October 10-12, 2008, Philadelphia, PA

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