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Best Laid Plans

No Man's Land

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    Dark Quest, LLC

    Dark Quest, LLC/DTF Publications
    Military Science Fiction, Anthology
    Defending the Future Series Book 5

    Publication Date: January 2013 - Out of Print

    Edited by: Mike McPhail
    Cover and Illustrations by: Mike McPhail

    Trade Paperback: 9781937051044
    ISBN pending, $4.99

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Series Reviews - No Man's Land

"There's not a single piece here that isn't well worth reading."
David Weber, bestselling author of the Honorverse series

"All the best qualities MilSF fans love about the genre come together in this anthology."
 —Douglas Cobb,
Curled Up With a Good Book Reviews


Series Reviews - By Other Means

"Reading By Other Means, it’s easy to imagine yourself at the off-base bar on a deep-space transfer station, overhearing the tales of passing space marines, naval officers, and assorted other soldiers. If you enjoy a well-told story in the military SF genre, this is the book for you." Don Sakers, Analog

“If you enjoy reading Military Science Fiction, and want to check out the best short stories by some of today’s most renowned MilSF authors, then the anthology By Other Means (Defending the Future series Book Three) is definitely for you!” —Douglas Cobb, Bestseller World


Series Reviews - So It Begins

[So It Begins] features contributions from some of the best writers of military science fiction
at the top of their form.
Sam Tomaino, Space and Time Magazine

[So It Begins] will expose you to several talented authors who will draw you into unique worlds
and often leave you wishing for more...a welcome distraction to the real world.
—Gregory Potts, reader

"An interesting collection of interconnected stories by a variety of writers. The action is in your face and the military aspects seem to be spot on...a fast read due to the nearly non-stop action."
4 Star Review, Kat Thompson, reviewer

"This volume contains sixteen quick-read short stories—the majority of which pack surprising masses of literary firepower. You’ll snicker, you’ll cringe, you’ll dodge shrapnel—you will even hum the closing theme song!"
Stephen Bierce, reviewer


Series Reviews - Breach the Hull

"There is more than enough great SF in Breach the Hull for any true fan of the genre, military or not."
Will McDermott, author of Lasgun Wedding

"I enjoyed this book and heartily recommend it." Sam Tomaino, Space and Time Magazine

"Pick up Breach the Hull. You're sure to find stories that you like." Dave Sherman, author of the DemonTech Series and co-author of the Starfist series

"[Breach the Hull] kicks down the doors in a way that allows anyone access to the genre[...]it read like a bunch of soldiers sitting around swapping stories of the wars. Fun, fast-paced, and packed with action. I give it a thumbs up." Jonathan Maberry, the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Ghost Road Blues

"[Breach the Hull] is worth the purchase. I normally don’t partake of anthologies as a general rule...but Mike McPhail has done a great job in making me rethink this position." Peter Hodges

On Breach the Hull in general:
"Breach the Hull is full of excellent stories, no two of which are the same. While similar themes
crop up throughout, each writer has managed to take the subgenre and make it his own."

and on my story in specific:
“In the Dying Light” by Danielle Ackley-McPhail was one of my favorite stories of  Breach the Hull. An Alien-style horror tale, it is about the dangers of the strange uncharted regions of space. Ackley-McPhail builds tension well, and by the end you may find yourself gripped in the cold sweats of fear.

—John Ottinger III,
Grasping for the Wind

Back Cover Copy

Same War, Different Perspective!

With a clap of thunder from above, the Aerospace fighters tear through the sky, while below, our women warriors cross the hell of No Man's Land, to close with the enemy; in fourteen all-new military science fiction stories; with an introduction by David Weber, bestselling author of the Honor Harrington novels.

Contains stories by: Brenda Cooper, Nancy Jane Moore, Maria V. Snyder, Danielle Ackley-Mcphail, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Ann Wilkes, Laurie Gailunas, S.A. Bolich, Lee C. Hillman, Deborah Teramis Christian, Lisanne Norman, Judi Fleming, Jennifer Brozek, Phoebe Wray.

"There's not a single piece here that isn't well worth reading."
David Weber, bestselling author of the Honorverse series.


Table of Contents (In order of appearance)
David Weber - Introduction
Brenda Cooper - Cracking the Sky
Nancy Jane Moore - Gambit
Maria V. Snyder - Godzilla Warfare
Danielle Ackley-McPhail - Ghosts on the Battlefield
Kimberly Long-Ewing - Come Like A Tailor
Ann Wilkes - Immunity Project
Laurie Gailunas - In The Middle of Nowhere
S.A. Bolich - Fallling to Eternity
Lee C. Hillman - Under Pressure
Deborah Teramis Christian - Live Fire
Lisanne Norman - Valkyries
Judi Fleming - Endings
Jennifer Brozek - M.O.V.E.
Phoebe Wray - Trashing

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