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Hellfire Lounge 4

Hellfire Lounge 5        

    Marietta Press
    Marietta Publishing

    Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
    Publication Date: June 2016
    Edited by R. Allen Leider
    Cover Art: Ben Fogleto
    Trade Paperback:
    $16.00, 6 x 9, 206 pages

Back Cover Copy

Friday night at the Hellfire Lounge, the swankiest club this side of purgatory ... appropriately enough,
since Volume 5 is "Purgatory Potpourri!" A rowdy crowd of magical storytellers gathers at the bar.
Amidst the fun and frolic at Satanís playground, they will amaze and terrify you with supernatural tales.
Pull up a chair and listen, but be warned ó these tales will haunt your dreams long after last call! Purgatory? Nice place to visit, but Ö well, actually itís a pretty lousy place. The upshot is your final destination,
assuming youíre on the fast track to Heaven. Even then, thereís a good chance theyíll lose your luggage.
For those bound for the other place Ö well, these stories may or may not forcibly demonstrate that
"crime does not pay" Ö but you canít say you werenít warned. Name your poison! The Hellfire Lounge #5 continues the antics of Nick Nussbaum (who also goes by the name of Satan) and head waitress
Lucia DíAmore. The weirdest assortment of misfits and malcontents gather at the Hellfire Lounge to
raise their glasses and swap tall tales. Youíll laugh, youíll cry ... and you may even scream.
This is NOT a place where everyone knows your name ... and you may want to keep it that way.


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