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New Blood

New Blood

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    Padwolf Publishing
    Vampire Fiction, Anthology

    Publication Date: January 2010

    Edited by: Patrick Thomas and Diane Raetz
    Cover and Illustrations by: Patrick Thomas

    Trade Paperback: 9781890096427




Back Cover Copy

Transylvania- Got Blood? We do. And as everyone knows new blood is simply the best. Within the pages of New Blood there is wonder and fangs aplenty including a cyborg vampire in space, steampunk vamps, a werewolf PI, a vampire escalator, blood suckers in love, a study in orthodox vampirism, the undead at war and of course a cannabilistically incestuous vampire penguin from Coney Island. And that's just the beginning.

Join New York Times Best Selling Author and multiple Bram Stoker award winner Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Winner Linda Addison, fantasy legends C.J. Henderson and Rowena Morrill, award winners Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Brad Aiken, alongside some of the best writers in the business - James Chambers, William H. Horner III, Neal Levin, Jeff Lyman, Bernie Mojzes, Terri Osborne, KT Pinto, Diane Raetz, T.L. Randleman, Hildy Silverman, John Sunseri and Patrick Thomas - as they bring you talesof vampires you never dreamed existed and others that will forever haunt your nightmares.

Try a taste... life is short and undead is not always forever or what you expect.

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