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No Longer Dreams

No Longer Dreams

    Light Circle Books
    Horror/Fantasy/Science Fiction Anthology
    Poetry and Short Fiction
    Publication Date: May 2005
    Edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail,
    L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee Hillman, and Jeff Lyman
    Cover Art:
    Theo Black
    Cover Design: Danielle McPhail
    See below for a full list of
    authors and artists
    Trade Paperback: 096416227X
    $16.00, 6 x 9, 256 pages

    This title available through the publisher
    Amazon, or on


Click here to view Ruth Lampi's original artwork from No Longer Dreams

Back Cover Copy


In this anthology, both extremes are intimately explored. From the macabre to the wondrous, No Longer Dreams offers rich fare from both established authors in the field and talents newly discovered.

Learn what it is to become more than you were destined to be in John C. Wright's The Kindred. Explore the mind-boggling concept of a Jewish vampiress in Darrell Schweitzer's Kvetchula. Discover that monsters can appear quite normal in both James Chamber's Law of the Kuzzi and Tee Morris's Reality Check. Feel the chill invade your blood as you come to suspect the truth of Mike McPhail's sci-fi thriller, Chimera.

Across new worlds and old, we find humanity and horrors both in the most unsuspected places, each masterfully portrayed in this wonderful new collection.


John C. Wright
The Kindred, Father's Monument, and
Not Born a Man

Will McDermott
Adrift in the Maelstrom

CJ Henderson
Wezleski to the Rescue and
To the Beast

Darrell Schweitzer

Tee Morris
Reality Check

Review Quotes
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This is a collection of stories written with great skill. Although they are very different from one another the collection works very well and makes for an excellent bedside book. A must for readers of any genre!
Lesley Mazey, The Eternal Night

An anthology of horror, fantasy and science fiction by some of rising stars of genre storytelling, including John C. Wright, Will McDermott, Darrell Schweitzer and Tee Morris.

This is a fun collection with a little something for everyone.
Mike Pederson, Nth Degree Magazine, Issue 14, Sept. 2005

[An] unusual illustrated collection of fantasy, horror, sci-fi and poetry...there's something for every taste.
Sue Burke, Fresh Fiction

This anthology of poetry and prose from three separate, yet closely knit, genres combines word and art in a way pleasing both to the ear, and to the eye in equal part.
Angie Hulme


John C. Wright
Will McDermott
Darrell Schweitzer
CJ Henderson
Dan Foley
Jeff Lyman
Tony Ruggiero

Robin M. Buehler
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Tee Morris
Den C. Wilson
James Chambers
Steve Johnson
Adam P. Knave

Mattie Brahen
Melanie Florence
Patti Kinlock
L. Jagi Lamplighter
MJ Harris
Mike McPhail


Theo Black
Ruth Lampi
Travis Ingram


Edward J. Reed
Adam Gillespie
Kirsten Edwards


Jesse Foley
Erica Henderson

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