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Full Throttle Fiction Volume 4: Space Horrors

Space Horrors  

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Flying Pen Press
Science Fiction/Pirate Anthology
Publication Date: October 1, 2010
Edited by David Lee Summers
Cover Art:
Laura Givens
Trade Paperback:

$16.95, 5.5 x 8.5, 286 pages

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"Editor David Lee Summers has assembled a very capable stable of authors who have an obvious love for the subject matter... Every work Summers chose to include is easy to read and to enjoy."
The Indie Mine Reviews

“Each tale has its own little nasty way to set your heart racing and make your skin crawl…
But there is adventure and you will find yourself whispering ‘just one more.’ ”

Poppy and Mandragora, Blog Review


Back Cover Copy

What horrors lurk among the stars?

If you dare venture into space, you will find planets where the rain will dissolve the flesh from your skeleton in a matter of minutes.  There are undead stellar corpses that warp the very fabric of reality.  There are bursts of radiation that will cook you alive within the walls of your spaceship.

And those are just the terrors we expect to face when we leave Earth.

In this volume you’ll find seventeen tales guaranteed to send a shiver down your spine.  You’ll meet cold and dispassionate aliens—some so large they’ll swallow your starship whole, others so small they’ll turn your blood to dust.  The prospect of encountering undead creatures such as vampires and zombies on Earth is frightening enough.  Imagine meeting them while trapped during an interstellar flight.  You’ll join men and women as they dare to explore haunted spaceships.  In the end, you may discover that the most frightening creatures we’ll encounter among the stars are humans themselves.

We invite you to peer into the darkest reaches of space with Ernest and Emily Hogan, Sarah A. Hoyt, Dayton Ward, Danielle Ackley-McPhail and a dozen more new and veteran writers.


Introduction — David Lee Summers

Part I: Man’s Own Inhumanity

Poetic Justice — Alastair Mayer

Listening — Anna Paradox

The Walking Man — Glynn Barrass

Part II: Alien Menaces

Natural Selection — Simon Bleaken

Oh Why Can’t I? — CJ Henderson

Last Man Standing — Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Part III: Seductive Vampires

Anemia — David Lee Summers

Chosen One — Dana Bell

Sleepers — Selina Rosen

Divining Everest — Patrick Thomas

Part IV: The Spirit Realm

Into the Abyss — Dayton Ward

Salvage — David B. Riley

The Golem — Judith Herman

Part V: Shambling Zombies

In the Absence of Light — Sarah A. Hoyt

A Touch of Frost — Gene Mederos

Wake of the White Death — Lee Clark Zumpe

Plan 9 in Outer Space — Ernest and Emily Hogan

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