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   Flying Pen Press
   Science Fiction/Pirate Anthology
   Publication Date: August 1, 2008
   Edited by David Lee Summer
      Cover Art:
Laura Givens
      Trade Paperback:
          $16.95, 5.5 x 8.5, 242 pages
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An absolute 'must' for dedicate fans of robust science fiction adventure is David Lee Summers' deftly edited anthology "Space Pirates: Full-Throttle Space Tales #1", a series of fifteen swashbuckling short stories of piracy in outer space by some of the best new writers working today. Midwest Book Review

"Danielle Ackley-McPhail's Carbon Copy is like an Honor Harrington short story with an Asmovian pun at the end." Chris Paige, ConNotations Newsletter (pg 19)

Back Cover Copy

Avast there ye scurvy dogs!

So you think you’re brave enough to join us on this here voyage through space and time? If you come with us, you better be prepared to loot, pillage and maim. This is no voyage for the lily-livered amongst you. 

If you dare open these pages, Robert E. Vardeman will take you out into the solar system where a man must defend his ship and his discovery from a fierce pirate lass who is not afraid to kill everyone aboard. Neal Asher will take you to the surface of a distant planet where a ruthless monster battles a crew of unsavory buccaneers. Some aliens think they can mock us humans and C.J. Henderson shows them that it’s better to be a pirate than be the butt of an intergalactic joke. 

In this volume you’ll find fifteen swashbuckling tales guaranteed to shiver your deck plates. You’ll join pirate crews as they raid starships carrying fortunes. You’ll see brave men and women as they defend themselves against terrifying corsairs. Of course, not all space pirates are the same. If you come with us, you’ll meet corporate raiders and even pirates who grab their pleasures where they can, even if it means fighting military satellites and stealing their entertainments directly from the networks. 

Aye, and we pirates seem to attract more than our share of ghosts wanting to exact revenge on the foolhardy. You’ve been warned. Dead men tell no tales and even if they did, you couldn’t hear them in the vacuum of space. Arrr! 

Still think you want to come along? Then pick up yer bottle o’ rum and sign on with this crew that includes Daniel M. Hoyt, M.H. Bonham, Carol Hightshoe, Uncle River and many more.


Neal Asher
Robert E. Vardeman
Uncle River
Daniel M. Hoyt
Alan L. Lickiss


M.H. Bonham
C.J. Henderson
Carol Hightshoe
David B. Riley
W.A. Hoffman
Danielle Ackley-McPhail


David Boop
Anna Paradox
Pamela D. Lloyd
Karl Grotegut
David Lee Summers


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