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Sails & Sorcery

Sails & Sorcery


Fantasist Enterprises

Release Date: August 2007
Fantasy Anthology
Edited by: W.H. Horner
Illustrations: Julie Dillon
6x9 inch, 420 page trade paperback
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Trade Paperback:
  Price (retail):  US: $23.00
  Price (direct): US: $18.00
  ISBN 13: 9780971360891
  ISBN 10: 0971360898


"A feast for discerning readers."
—Jean Rabe, author of the Finest Trilogy

"If you're looking for treasure, look no further."
—Maria V. Snyder, author of Poison Study and
Magic Study

Back Cover Copy

Mermaids. Pirates. Flying Ships.
Creatures from the deep.
Magic beyond your wildest dreams.

The sea is a dangerous and wonderful realm. It calls to many, promising riches, adventure, or freedom. But just as there are beautiful and remarkable treasures to be found upon and below the waves, do not underestimate the dangers hidden within its depths.

So polish your cutlass and prepare your spells for what awaits. Embark upon a journey across leagues of unimaginable adventure. Ride the waves to mystery and magic.

Featuring 28 stories and 42 illustrations, including tales by New York Times best-seller Elaine Cunningham, Paul S. Kemp, Patrick Thomas, and James M. Ward with an all-new story featuring Halcyon Blithe.


Lawrence C. Connolly
J.C. Hay
Jon Sprunk
Chun Lee
Murray J.D Leeder
Jens Rushing
Jaleigh Johnson
Gerard Houarner
Christopher Heath
William Ledbetter

Patrick Thomas
Jordan Lapp
Gerri Leen
T. Borregaard
James M. Ward
Leslie Brown
Angeline Hawkes
Robert E Vardeman
Renee Stern
Jeff Houser
Jeffrey Lyman

Lindsey Duncan 
Chris Stout
Heidi Ruby Miller
Jack MacKenzie
Elain Cunningham
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
J.M. Martin
Paul S. Kemp
Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers
John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur


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