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Trouble on the Water


Trouble on the Water

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  Dark Quest Books
   Fantasy, Nautical Anthology
   Publication Date: September 2014
 Edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail,
   Cover Art: Fotolia.com

   Cover Design: Danielle McPhail
   Trade Paperback:
          $12.95, 6 x 9, 144 pages
   eBook available: $1.99US  

   See below for a full list of contributors

Back Cover Copy

A life on the water is a constant gamble. Whether a sailor pits himself against the forces of nature or finds himself at the mercy of man, odds are even how the encounter will turn out, depending whose side the luck rolls up on.

In Phoebe Wray’s Sailor of Kannar, Darcy must take her chances in courts of intrigue to preserve her people’s way of life among the marshes.

In Danielle Ackley-McPhail’s Trouble on the Water, Rishima Blaque clings to faith and a rock in the middle of the sea in the hopes her husband will find her before the pirates do.

In David Sherman’s Vest of the Pecos, Kitty Belle and Cheyenne Walker join forces once again to pit their wiles against the denizens of a paddleboat gaming salon, only to find themselves facing a gamble of another sort.

In Jeffrey Lyman’s Unsinkable, Princess Cordolya bows to her father’s dictates, setting sail for an alliance with a country across the sea, only to find herself beset by pirates, leviathans, and a mage-borne storm. Will luck be with the lady or will she make her own?

No Matter What, Trouble’s Coming for Someone…


(in order of appearance)

Phoebe Wray
Danielle Ackley-McPhail

David Sherman
Jeffrey Lyman




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