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    Dark Quest, LLC

    Dark Quest, LLC
    Fantasy, Mythology

    Publication Date: October 2014

    with introductions by  Jennifer Brozek, 
    Gail Z. Martin, CJ Henderson, DB Jackson
    and Misty Massey

    Cover and Illustrations from Fotolia.com

      6 x 9, 140 pages
    Trade Paperback:
    eBook: $


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Back Cover Copy

What Will You Discover Between the Darkness and Light?

When the mortal coil wears thin and the great unknown draws nigh you might spy the narrow gap between the mystical and the mundane. You might even notice they’re looking back.

Transcendence takes a hard look at humanity in nine tales of difficult choices, great rewards, and journeys beyond expectation.

  • In Skippy, Don does not like what he sees in the mirror…but will he survive it?
  • A Fury finds form—and retribution—in The Kindly One.
  • If I Had the Chance takes do-overs to a new level.
  • Aisa has a death-ly choice to make in The Misses Moirai.
  • Ruby Red sweeps you away in a dance on the edge of madness.
  • Purgatory is when you think you’re damned…hell is when you are right…
  • Fredrich tries to drown his sorrows in Stoli and Solitude.
  • For Camirel finding purpose means total transformation in Emberling.
  • Transcendence…where you look into the heart of a star and find yourself.

The extraordinary awaits… will you step beyond the bounds of commonplace existence?


Introduction by Jennifer Brozek
Skippy / with introduction by
Dervish - Poem
The Kindly One / with introduction by John Grant
If I Had the Chance / with introduction by L. Jagi Lamplighter
Beloved - Poem
The Misses Moirai / with introduction by
Luna - Poem
Ruby Red / with introduction by
Portrait of a Green Mother - Poem
Purgatory / with introduction by C.J. Henderson
Death - Poem
Stoli and Solitude / with introduction by
Emberling / with introduction by Gail Z. Martin
Transcendence / with introduction by Paul Levinson

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