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Yesterday's Dreams

Book One in The Eternal Cycle Series

Yesterday's Dreams - Dark Quest Books Version

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Dark Quest Books
Urban Fantasy/Celtic Fantasy
Publication Date: February 2012
Cover Art: L.W. Perkins and Christina Yoder
Cover Design: Christina Yoder
Trade Pa
E-Book:  all formats
$14.95, 6 x 9, 260 pages

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Triggered by an act of self-sacrifice, all three converge upon Kara O'Keefe,
transforming her simple life into one both magical and menacing.

Overwhelmed by the expenses of her father’s cancer treatments, Kara finds herself forced
to give up Quicksilver, her cherished violin and the only physical link with her long-gone Grandda.
Her selflessness becomes the key to her future.

At Yesterday's Dreams, a pawnshop tucked away on a quiet New York back street,
she discovers her true legacy, and destiny and danger both begin to stalk her.

Confused by the sudden radical turn her life has taken...
pursued by malevolent forces she does not understand...
Kara O'Keefe must place her trust in a dead man she loved but never truly knew
and the living myth that would teach her who she really was.

Has she inherited the tenacious strength of her Celtic ancestors,
or will she fall beneath the onslaught of uncompromising fate?

An original song by Jonah Knight, modern paranormal folk musician, based on the novel.

Yesterday’s Dreams

Somewhere far across the sea
Some time long before you and me
The first people made to be free
From the misty valleys and the hills of emerald green


She brings all the shiny things
Captured from the moon and stars, brightly sparkling
These visions of magical wings
Maggie sings of Yesterday’s Dreams

When the darkness stepped into this land
Fires burned all our farms to sand
And the wars of fae and sidhe began
Traveled down the years to this place on which we stand


The legends faded silently
Someplace hidden deep inside of me
New blood is flowing now much older than the sea
Magic growing now uncontrollably


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Previous Version

Vivisphere Publishing
Publication Date: October 2001
Cancellation Date:
June 2005
Nominated for the Compton Crook Award - 2002
Cover Design: Jay Cookingham
Trade Paperback: 1587761122
$16.00, 6 x 9, 246 pages

     Yesterday's Dreams Original Version

Mundania Press
Publication Date: September 2006
Cancellation Date: November 2011
Cover Art: Edward J. Reed
Cover Design: Danielle McPhail
Trade Paperback: 159426354X
E-Book:  1594263531
$14.95, 6 x 9, 260 pages

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