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Green Fire Phoenix

I know, I know...You've seen this particular costume, with minor variations, on more than one occasion. What can I say, It is an easy costume to wear and it looks good. The notable addition on this wearing is the copper and glass horns I'm wearing. The clay is a copper metallic polymer clay with glass microbeads imbedded in the clay before baking. This only works with very soft clay. With the firmer variety they stick and make an impression, but can't sink deep enough to become fixed. One or two will remain, but the rest flake off after baking. As this still creates an interesting effect, I occasionally go through the process with horns I think will be enhanced by the pebbled look.

I wore the costume and horns at a vendor event I went to, Drew University's That Medieval Thing, in Madison, New Jersey. The event was a lot of fun, if not extremely profitable. The nice thing is, Will Horner and the lovely Michelle joined us for the day. They are the brilliant minds behind Fantasist Enterprises, publishers of lots of cool books, including Sails and Sorcery, where you can find my story, Consigned to the Sea. As they don't live that far away and I had extra space, they came up from Delaware to share my tent. Good thing they did...I'd likely have been very bored if they hadn't...our placing wasn't that good and the direction from which the customers came was erratic so we couldn't well focus our efforts. Still, the company was good and Mike and I got to hang out with our friends Chris and Christine of Griffon's Claw Armoury afterward.

Now, one of the things that did go over well were the horns...which one would expect, given it was a Medieval Festival!

horned customersSculpy horn display, with bookmarks in the background.return customers

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