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The Bad-Ass Faeries Book Launch and Raffle

The Guilty Parties

Well, due to a horrible server mishap, I have lost the original BAF launch page. The thought of trying to recreate it makes my head hurt. So, instead here are those contributors that attended: (bottom right: Jesse Harris, CJ Henderson, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, R. Allen Leider, Elaine Corvidae, D.C. Wilson, Jeffrey Lyman, Brian Kosciencski, Chris Pisano, Lee Hillman, Vincent Collins and Patrick Thomas. Not Shown: L. Jagi Lamplighter.)

When it took place: Balticon 41

May 26 - 29th, 2007
Baltimore, MD

And the main prizes won:

The wings were hand-crafted by myself and the Amy Brown Collectable Faeries were autographed by Amy herself.

Mundania Press Author James Danielle RossContributors CJ Henderson and R. Allen LeiderContributors Vincent Collins and Elaine Corvidae

Do you believe in magic?
...You better!

Marietta Publishing

Trade Paperback:
5.5 x 8.5, 208 pages

( courtesy of
Griffon Claw Armoury: Official Armourer to the Bad-Ass Faeries!


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