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The Yesterday's Dreams Launch Party and Violin Raffle

Patricia W. Winner of Quicksilver

Balticon 40, Memorial Day Weekend, 2006

The Lucky Winner of the
Yesterday's Dreams Violin Raffle
Patricia W.


Yesterday's Dreams Launch Party


We had a great time at the launch. It was a bit chaotic, food disappeared quicker than we could set it out, but the only real problem was the heat. The air was out of wack and because people kept opening the window, it couldn't get back up to speed. Only one person seemed to mind enough to leave. There were a lot of people there, including many friends that came to support me and lets not forget the fans, both new and old.


Yesterday's Dreams Launch ReadingWe had a couple of readings by myself and fellow Mundania Press Author Elaine Corvidae. It was a lot of fun, but a little hard to hear in the large space, especially because the party was held in the "alternate con suite" so there were people there that didn't even realize they were at a launch.

 After the readings we moved on to the raffle. This was comedic. Too many prizes, and too many people with tickets that didn't show up for the launch so several of the prizes had to be drawn for repeatedly until a winner was found. Still, the book was well received, and every prize was awarded. We all had a great time once we slowed down and let ourselves enjoy.

Best of all, eight Yesterday's Dreamers (members of my on-line writer's newsgroup) were in attendance. It was great to have time to spend together in person and I got a really neat picture out of the deal :)


(Back row) Jeff Young, Eric Hardenbrook, Martin Bogardus, Jeff Lyman,
(Front row) David Goldstein, Donna Royston, Me, Robin Buehler, and L. Jagi Lamplighter


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