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General Submission Guidelines

All submissions must observe industry formatting standards.
Any story not observing the below will be kicked back to the author.

Author's full contact information in the upper lefthand corner of the page, including legal name, mailing address, email address, and phone number. (This information is for contact purposes only and is not shared out in any way.) The approximate word count of the story should follow the contact information.

Halfway down the page should appear the title and by line as it should appear in the finished collection, should the story be accepted. The text portion of the manuscript should be in 12 pt Courier or Times Roman, double spaced. Italics should be indicated by italics formatting, ellipsis should not have a space before or after, and em dashes should be represented by double hyphens with no spaces before or after. Paragraph indents should be denoted by a tab, and NOT auto formatted. Please check your document before submitting it.

Included with your story should be a brief author bio and a list of any prior publishing credits. If your story has been previously printed elsewhere, you must provide the full details of the original publication for acknowledgement purposes. As a note, if two stories of are equal quality, we will always chose an original story over a reprint.

Thank you,
The Editors


Previous Anthologies


Trade Paperback: 096416227X
$16.00, 6 x 9, 256 pages

Trade Paperback:

5.5 x 8.5, 208 pages

Amazon Fantasy Anthology #1 Best Seller
 Finalist - 2007 Dream Realm Award, Best Anthology

Trade Paperback:

5.5 x 8.5, 280 pages


Winner - 2009 EPPIE Award, Best Anthology

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    6 x 9, 232




     Winner - 2007 Dream Realm Award,
    Best Anthology

    Finalist - 2007 Dream Realm Award,
    Best Cover Art

So It Begins - Defending The Future Book 2Trade Paperback:
6 x 9, 232 pages

eBook available

Finalist - 2009 Indie Book Award,
Best Anthology
Finalist - 2009 Indie Book Award,
Best Short Story - Fiction


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